Group Therapy

There are no Group sessions starting at this time.  Check back or contact us if you want to be notified when a group will start again.  Read below about some of the groups we have offered in the past.

Group counseling is made up of 6-8 people who meet together to discuss a related topic.  The group is lead by one or two trained professionals employed at Restore with either a graduate or undergraduate degree. The facilitators are a licensed counselor, an intern or a practicum student. Both intern and practicum student are under supervision of a licensed counselor with supervisory status from the state of Texas.

The group members interact with each other to provide support and alternative options to life problems. The group members will learn that they are not alone in life struggles and can be encouraged by others from their life successes.

The group is held under confidentiality. Each group member is required to sign an agreement that stated that they will hold members in the group at the highest regard, respect and will follow the rules of confidentiality.

If you are interested in group therapy, see what groups are available at this time below. You will be asked to email us to get on the list for group of interest. Unless otherwise noted the groups are $50.00 per session. Remember space is limited so sign up today.