Individual Counseling

Do you need Individual counseling?


Are you personally struggling with an issue that doesn’t seem to go away or is getting worse?

  • Anxiety
    • Are you constantly tense, worried or on edge?
    • Does your anxiety interfere with your school, work or family responsibilities?
    • Do you have fears that you know are irrational, but cannot shake them?
    • Do you avoid everyday situations because they make you anxious?
  • Depression
    • Do you experience a sadness that is different than normal sadness that interferes with your day-to-day functioning?
    • Do you have intense feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or worthlessness with little relief?
    • Do you have trouble controlling negative thoughts/feelings no matter how hard you try?
    • Have you become more irritable, short-tempered or aggressive than usual?
    • Having trouble concentrating and finding that easy task have now become more difficult?
  • Anger
    • Do you find yourself yelling at someone for no reason?
    • Do you talk down to people?
    • Do you confront people more frequently in a harsh way?
    • Do you find yourself trying to get your point across no matter what it takes?
    • Do you find yourself not listening to the other person because what you say, goes?
  • Low self-worth/self-esteem
    • Do you feel like you cannot do anything right?
    • Do you feel like anything you do is not good enough?
    • Do you feel useless?
    • Do you feel like a failure?
    • Do you feel like no one does or would ever like you?
  • Disordered eating
    • Do you restrict your food intake when stressed or emotionally overwhelmed?
    • Do you eat an excessive amount of food within a short amount of time when emotionally overwhelmed with a situation?
  • Stress
    • Do you find yourself being frazzled and overwhelmed?
    • Do you find yourself unable to concentrate?
    • Do you feel overwhelmed?
    • Do you find yourself only seeing the negative?
    • Do you find yourself more irritable than usual when in certain situations?
    • Do you find yourself unable to handle emotions that overwhelm your day?

If you are struggling with any of these, individual counseling would be beneficial to you.

Life is hard, especially when you do it alone. Allow us to help you enjoy life as you were created to do.

Contact us today to find lasting relief.