Marriage Counseling


Do you need Marriage Counseling?

Great marriages take work, just like everything else. You worked to develop a good relationship when you first met your spouse and that work must continue if you want to have a great marriage.

Answering the following questions can help you determine if counseling would benefit you.

  • Do you feel as though the same problems occur over and over again? Do you feel that nothing really ever gets resolved?
  • Do trivial events turn into major arguments?
  • Do you avoid certain topics or situations because you figure what’s the use?
  • Do you fear talking about what’s really bothering you because you think the other person just doesn’t understand?

Answering yes to any or all of these questions may be a sign that the real issues in your relationship are not being address. Counselors at Restore can assist you in being able to talk about issues constructively, uncover the root of the problem and begin to heal the relationship.

Good therapy can help couples to increase their level of intimacy with each other. By confronting problems and walking through each partner’s fears, with care and compassion, couples begin to understand each other better and therefore, heal the hurt that is keeping them from having a truly great marriage.

Make your marriage a priority. Call us today.