As a pastor, I continually encounter people who are struggling to make life work. In some cases professional counseling is needed. I have referred many people to Restore Counseling Center confidently knowing they will receive Biblically based counseling.

Charles Thornton, Campus Pastor, Fellowship of the Parks

I have found that counseling can be deeply valuable part of a person’s spiritual journey. This isn’t just a matter of finding someone to talk to; it reflects the need in the human soul for new insight, hope, and encouragement. At Fellowship of the Parks, we have referred people to Restore Counseling Center because this is the service they provide, and they do their job very well.

Doug Walker, Senior Pastor, Fellowship of the Parks – Keller

As a pastor of a local church, I encounter deep needs almost daily. It is such a comfort and brings such confidence to know that I can refer people who are struggling to Restore Counseling Center, a Christian place of grace and healing for those who are hurting and in need of wise counsel.
Marty Akins, Ph.D, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Bedford

As a Christian dietitian, I often work with clients who red help dealing with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating and other food issues. One of the most important parts of the treatment team is a counselor who is trained in handling eating disorders. Many of my clients request the services of an appropriately trained Christian counselor. I have found valuable help at Restore Counseling Center as we team with the client and family members to effectively process through these personal issues to restore health and healing.

Dee Rollins, Ph.D., R.D., L.D., Consulting Dietitian and Nutrition Educator, Life Enrichment Center

As a therapist who is a Christian, I find the importance of integrating godly principles into therapy imperative to the healing process. Restore has proven time and time again they will meet you where you are, but they won’t leave you there! “Two are better than one, if one falls down, his friend will help him up.” Eccl 4:9-10

Mindi Lunday, MA, MA, LPC Intern